Professor and Director, IISER Tirupati
Prof. K. N. Ganesh Endowment Trust
Prof. K. N. Ganesh Endowment trust is a philanthropic initiative by students, and research associates of
Prof. K. N. Ganesh. It was established with an aim to help in the education of underprevileged children and to spread the message of science.

Post Doctoral Fellows
Dr. Dhrubajyoti Datta
Ph.D. Students
Pramod Bhingardeve
Shahaji H More
Prabhakar U Pawar
Manoj Kumar Gupta
Abdul Shiraj
Om Shanker Tiwari
Iranna Todkari
Rajat Halemane S
Gaurav Borkar 


Ph.D. Thesis Title


Present Affiliation


B. Madhanagopal



Stereo-Controlled Supramolecular Assembly of 4(R/S)-Aminoproline Based Peptides and Peptide Nucleic Acids



Nov 2018



Vijay Kadam


Design, Synthesis, Metal Complexation and Self Assembly of Peptide Nucleic Acids with

Modified and Unnatural Nucleobases

Mar 2016

Research Scientist,

Curadev Pharma, Noida 




Pradnya Kulkarni




Tuning the PNA Backbone Conformation: Synthesis and Biophysical Studies of Dialkyl Substituted Peptide Nucleic Acids

Sep 2015



Nitin D Bansode


Peptides and Polypeptides Derived from

4S/R-(hyp/amp)-Proline: Synthesis and

Characterisation of β-structure


Post Doctoral Fellow,

 Université de Bordeaux


Satheesh Ellipilli


Synthesis, Biophysical and Cellular Uptake Studies of Fluorinated Peptide Nucleic Acid Analogs

Apr 2015

Post-Doctoral Fellow,

University of Utah 


Deepak Jain


γ-C-Substituted Multifunctional Peptide

Nucleic Acids: Design, Synthesis and



 Research Scientist, Novozymes South Asia Pvt Ltd, Pune



Tanpreet Kaur



Synthesis of Antibacterial Natural Products: Primin, Centrolobine, Oenostacin and Studies on the Synthesis of Alpha-Aminophosphonates and MetalloPNAs

May 2013

Post-Doctoral Fellow,

College of Pharmacy,

University of Michigan 



Kosgi Sreedhar



Conformationally Restricted PNA Analogues:

Synthesis and Biophysical Studies of Cationic Pyrrolidyl PNA

Oct 2012


Biological E Limited


Mahesh V Sonar


Synthesis and Structural Studies of 4(R/S)-Aminoproline Polypeptide and Collagen Mimetics

Nov 2011

Group Principal Scientist,

Innovassynth Technologies(I) LTD 



Manaswini Nanda



Synthesis and Comparative Biophysical Studies of Peptides Derived From 3 and 4-Substituted Prolines

Apr 2011




Roopa Mitra



Chiral and Cationic Peptide Nucleic Acid Analogues with Pendant Methylamino Functions: Synthesis, Biophysical and Cell Permeation Studies

July 2010




Ashwani Kumar Sharma



Synthesis and Biophysical Studies of PNA Analogues Incorporating 3, 4-disubstituted Pyrrolidine

Sep 2010

Assistant Professor, IISER Tirupati 



Gitali Devi



Synthesis and Biophysical Studies of PNA Analogues Derived from 4-Substituted Proline and 1,2,3-Triazole in the Backbone

Oct 2009

Research Fellow,

Nanyang Technological University  



Amit N Patwa



DNA-Ferrocene Covalent Adducts for Studying

DNA Conductance and Engineering Molecular

Recognition Switch of DNA Base Pairing

Apr 2009

Postdoctoral Fellow

Boston University



Raman Vyasabhattar



Synthesis of Cyanuryl,8-Substituted Adeninyl PNA Analogues and Biophysical Studies of Their DNA/RNA Hybridisation Properties

Mar 2008







Aminoethyl-(α, α- Dimethyl)-Glycyl PNAs: Synthesis and Interaction Studies with DNA and Gold Nanoparticles

Aug 2006


Actorius Innovations and Research Pvt. Ltd.  






Chemical Studies on Pyrrolidine Derivatives:

Synthesis of Bulgecinine and Aminomethyl

Prolyl Peptide Nucleic Acids

Oct 2005

Principal Scientist

Dr. Reddy's Laboratories 


Nagendra Kumar Sharma



Pyrrolidine and Pyrrolidinone Peptide Nucleic Acids: Synthesis and Comparative Studies of the DNA Binding Activities

Oct 2005

Reader - F,

National Institute of Science Education and Research, Bhubaneswar



M. Umashankara



Synthesis and Biophysical Studies of 4-Substituted Proline Containing Collagen Peptides: Effect of Substituents on Triplex

Oct 2005

Assistant Professor,

Karnataka State Open University, Mysuru 

D. H. Dandekar



Studies on DNA-protein interactions:HIV-1 tat as a novel DNA binding transcriptional activator.


Aug 2005


T. Govindaraju



Conformationally preorganized carbocyclic and backbone extended pyrrolidine peptide nucleic acids: chemical synthesis and biophysical studies


Feb 2005

Associate Professor,

Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Adavnced Scientific Research



Pravin S Shirude



Synthesis and Biophysical Evaluation of Modified and Fluorescent PNAs: Applications in Antisense Therapeutics and Diagnostics

Apr 2005

Senior Group Leader

Biocon Bristol-Myers Squibb Research Center 






Synthesis And Biophysical Studies Of Pyrrolidinyl DNA Analogues Containing Amide, Oxyamide And Carbamate Linkages

Aug 2002

Senior Director

WAVE Life Sciences 



Ramesh Babu



Synthesis and Biophysical Studies of 4-Aminoproline Containing Collagen and DNA Binding ץ-Peptides

Dec 2001

 Senior Scientist

Alnylam Pharmaceuticals



Pradeep Sunny Pallan



Nucleobase-Polyamine Conjugates Of Oligonucleotides And Pna-Dna Chimera: Synthesis And Biophysical Studies

Oct 2001

Research Assistant Professor,

Vanderbilt University



D. Nagamani



Pyrrolidine Derived Novel Dna Binding Agents: Chiral Polyamines And Constrained Pna Analogs

Jun 2001




Moneesha D’Costa



Synthesis And Evaluation Of Conformationally Constrained Pyrrolidyl Polyamide Nucleic Acids

Feb 2001

Senior Scientist

National Chemical Laboratory 



S. B. Desai



Lipases in biotransformations: Resolution of Some Novel Alcohol and Diol Substrates via Selective Hydrolysis of Their Esters and Related Mechanistic Studies

May 2000

 Principal Scientific Manager,




Vipul S Rana



Dna Triple Helix Stabilization Using Engineered Hydrogen Bonds And Modified Backbones

Aug 1999

Asst. Vice-President,

Innovassynth Technologies (I) Limited 



Vasant Jadhav



Studies On Oxidative Damage Of Proteins By Metallodesferals And Designer Oligonucleotides In Dna Diagnostics And Restriction Enzyme Recognition

Mar 1998

Senior Director, Research

Alnylam Pharmaceuticals 



A. Gopala Krishna



Spectroscopic Studies On Molecular Interaction Of Dna With Natural Products: Taxol, Serpentine, Sugars And Mnt Repressor Protein-Specificity, Strength And Nature Of Binding

Jan 1998


IIT Madras



B. P. Gangamani



Chemical Synthesis And Structural Studies On Non Sugar-Phosphate Backbone Nucleic Acids: Oligoethylenoxy Linked Bis- Thymines And Prolyl Nucleic Acids

Sep 1997




K. G. Rajeev



Modulation Of Dna Triplex Stability Through Chemical Modifications

Apr 1997

 Director, Drug Discovery at Alnylam Pharmaceuticals



D. A. Barawkar



Designer Oligonucleotides With Nucleobase Modification: Synthesis And Applications For Studying Molecular Recognition Of Nucleic Acids

Apr 1995


Drug Discovery,

Advinus Therapeutics 



T. P. Prakash



Molecular Recognition Based Approaches To Nuclease Model Systems: Synthesis And Studies Of Oligonucleotides Conjugated With Amine Ligands

Dec 1993


Medicinal Chemistry,

Ionis Pharmaceuticals 



Rajendra R. Joshi



Studies On Cleavage Of Nucleic Acids By Desferal-Metal Complexes And Interactions Of Desferal Conjugates With Oligonucleotides

Nov 1993

Associate Director, Bioinformatics Group, C-DAC, Pune



Vidhya Gopalakrishnan



Chemical Synthesis And Structural Studies Of 3-5 And 2-5 Oligoribonucleotides

Jan 1991

Senior Vice President, Pharmaceutical Development,

Quark Pharmaceuticals Inc



G. V. Rajendra Kumar



Synthetic oligonucleotides as probes for nucleic acid protein interactions : bacteriophage P22 MNT operator Repressor System